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Easy Grade Pro


This easy-to-use gradebook program is a favorite among teachers.  If you want to save time, customize your assignments, weight categories, create seating charts and track attendance, this is the program for you.  For more information, print out the information sheet by clicking below.

The Diocese of Cleveland is using Release 3 of Easy Grade Pro 4.0.2. Some schools have moved to the online version of Easy Grade Pro. Please contact the Diocese of Cleveland for further information about the online version. The following handouts can be used with the computer-based version.



Easy Grade Pro Support Form

Easy Grade Pro Printable Forms


Easy Grade Pro has been adopted by the Diocese of Cleveland for use in generating electronic report cards and progress cards.  The Office of Catholic Education has a portion of their website dedicated to this project. Click below to follow the link to the Easy Grade Pro FYI page.


Easy Grade Pro FYI

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